Blackboard Collaborate Troubleshooting - "I can't access my session and no error message is given."

(This information has been copied from the Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal & Knowledge Base)

When your session does not load and no error message is returned, this can often be attributed to a missing file association between Java and the JNLP file type that launches your session.
To resolve the issue, ensure first that a supported version of Java is installed.

Windows 7 Users:
1. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > Java > Java Tab > View
2. You can compare the default version of Java with the latest list of supported versions on located on this page
3. If the icon to launch the Java control panel is missing, you can download the latest version of Java directly from
Set the correct file association for the java network launching protocol file type.

Windows 7 Users:
1. Click Start > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program
2. Scroll down to and select .jnlp to ensure that Java(TM) Web Start Launcher is the current default *
3. If not, click on the change program button and then click on the browse button
4. By default, it will open the Program Files directory, but if you have a 32-bit version of Java installed, you will need to change to the Program Files (x86) directory
5. From there you can browse to the javaws application in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin directory, and set it as the default application

  • Note: Java (TM) Platform SE binary (java) is not the correct file association to open a JNLP file, you must use Java (TM) Web Start Launcher (javaws).

Screen shots below:

external image b5da88ab34cb44989d54829e6e7c3b27

external image 1c6318f8e73c43cab92a7d7722392f59

external image dfc53d809c8e4e20b2c42f66fa31fd34

external image 2fc2e07f2d14478e97c18c6e468357f7

external image ac251e0d83c14beea2458b6c71912257

external image 5dd0cc526df544ad8f404c3af2549892

NOTE: There are rare instances where the normal process listed above does not work and the JNLP file does not properly associate with Java (TM) Web Start. In these cases you will need to contact the Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support Team.