Moodle is an interactive learning management system (LMS) that gives trainers and learners flexibility in course delivery. It is a very popular LMS and in fact has topped the list of the 20 Most Popular LMS Software Solutions for a number of years. If you are new to Moodle, the following video will provide a brief explanation of what Moodle is about, and what it can do.

ResourcesThe following may provide some assistance with setting up a Moodle (2.3) classroom:

Ready for your own Moodle?

Moodle is open source and free to download...but it needs to be hosted. If you are considering Moodle as an LMS, your first decision is whether to have hosted internally or externally, and there will be costs associated with both. Australia has two Moodle partners (official Moodle hosting/support agencies) and these are NetSpot and Pukunui Technology. Additionally, there are local businesses which specialise in Moodle and provide services - these are Brightcookie and Wallace Web Design. You will need to do your own research as to pricing and other details but you may find the resource Finding and Selecting a Web Host useful.