Proxy Settings - Mozilla Firefox

The following will help you to access the Proxy settings area on your browser, however you will still need to 'play' with the settings to see what will work. This is because each network works differently. If you aren't sure, ask for assistance from your IT staff. Note that for a home computer, this does not apply as there is a direct connection to the internet.

1. Click on the Firefox Tab (top left), then Options...and Options again on the sub-menu.

ScreenHunter_231 Aug. 06 16.13.jpg

2. Click on the Advanced Tab at the top, then Network and finally Settings.

ScreenHunter_231 Aug. 06 16.18.jpg

3. At this stage you can only try different settings, to see what works.(Hint-make a note of the original settings so you can put them back when you've finished your trials). In most cases 'Auto-detect settings' may be correct however within some networks, a different setting will be the correct one to allow access. Note that for computers outside a firewall, select 'No Proxy'.

ScreenHunter_231 Aug. 06 16.19.jpg