Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page will answer common questions about e-learning.

: Where can I/we get help with e-learning?

A: Contact the National VET E-learning Strategy for all queries....your question will be directed to an appropriate person for response. Alternatively join the LinkedIn Group E-learning Conversations - this is a national network of newbies and experienced people.

Q: What do I need to know about e-learning content?ScreenHunter_06 Aug. 07 11.01.jpg

A: There is much e-learning content already available, which has been mapped to Training Packages - check out the Toolboxes and the National VET Content website. The page Creating Content may provide ideas for developing your own. Be wary of purchasing (or signing up for) 'off-the-shelf' e-learning may seem an attractive solution in the short-term but it doesn't build organisational e-capability and it can lock you into long-term contracts. Check out Buy or Build if this is your question.

Q: My organisation is thinking about e-learning - where should we begin?

A: It is best to begin by building an understanding of e-learning, and then make initial decisions eg what model will fit your organisation and learners etc. The e-resource Strategic Planning for E-learning provides some steps, guidelines, links and working documents to assist.Screengrab01_Mar._05_13.29.gif

Q: What are the best tools/software/platform to use for....?????

A: No matter what you are wanting to do, the website Top 100 Tools for Learning a useful list of 'what others use to do this'.... recommended by VET leaders and professionals who have voted on what they use and prefer. (It's no coincidence that most are open-source....there is a definite swing away from proprietary...and often options).

Q: What do I need in the way of software and tools?

A:The VET Teacher E-learning Toolkit specifies the minimum web and desktop-based functionality requirements needed to support e-learning. Open it inside your organisation's firewalls to see if you can access all the listed sites. The List of Commonly Used VET E-learning Applications/Tools from National E-Standards is also very useful to determine 'usual' requirements.

Q: What is Moodle?Moodlelogo.jpg

A: Moodle is an interactive learning management system (LMS) that gives trainers and learners flexibility in course delivery. It is one of the most commonly used LMSs in South Australia, used by TAFESA, UniSA, Flinders Uni and a host of other training providers. More information on Moodle (including how to get your own Moodle) can be found on the Moodle page of this site.

Q: Our e-learning is fragmented and ad-hoc - how can we make it sustainable?external image 20110616101156393.JPG

A: A strategic approach to e-learning is essential for sustainability. Download the PDF booklet Practices that Sustain E-learning Training Solutions and after going through the good practice examples, complete the exercise at the back of the booklet, as it will provide a benchmark for where your organisation is 'at'. Then repeat this at each AGM to check if your organisation is improving it's e-maturity!

Q: What is the best way to transfer classroom material for use in an online environment?

A: Simply transferring classroom material and handouts into resources which can be accessed online, does not make it e-learning. It is first necessary to 're-think' how the teaching and learning will 'work' in this different environment. A planning tool which can assist this process is the Learning Design Tool. This tool is freely downloadable and has been designed for both experienced and non-experienced users.

Q: How does one develop an e-learning strategy?

A: An E-learning Strategy is essential if you want e-learning to be sustainable - the suggestions in Developing an E-Learning Strategy – 8 Elements to Consider may be a good place to begin.

Q: What are others doing?

A: E-learning activity in SA has been building since 2000, with many successful e-learning projects reaching into areas such as Moodle, e-assessment, virtual worlds, using video, social media...and much more. Browse some of the links on the SA Projects section of this site for a brief overview of what others are doing in this state.question-mark_small.jpg